XML vs. latex?

Oliver Brakmann obrakmann at gmx.net
Mon Jun 17 04:07:39 PDT 2002

Hi all!

Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee wrote...
> root at shadowfax:/home/listar/lists# wc -l */users
>     346 alfs-discuss/users
>      95 blfs-book/users
>     178 blfs-dev/users
>     541 blfs-support/users
>      17 hints/users
>    1024 lfs-announce/users
>     110 lfs-book/users
>      96 lfs-chat/users
>     511 lfs-dev/users
>     534 lfs-security/users
>     414 lfs-support/users
>     <there's actually more lists, but these are the lfs lists :)>
>    4347 total
> root at shadowfax:/home/listar/lists#

Here's one thing I'm puzzled about everytime I see it: how do you paste
something from a tty into your editor? My workaround until now was to
redirect output to a file, but there _must_ be another way, I'm just too
dumb to find it ;-)
Any help?

> So, next time you post an OT message on on the lists..consider how many
> ppl will be reading it ;)

Plus those reading via news.linuxfromscratch.org (much preferred over
mailing lists, at least for me)

> In other news, shadowfax was slashdotted again.

That sounds so much more nasty than it really is...

> Well, specifically distrowatch.com (which we host), which i'm a little
> surprised at, considering I had not noticed the extra load on shadowfax
> and was going 'wtf?!?' when I noticed the link on /.  [all it took was a
> good 'p auxf' and looking at the ~50 odd httpd process however ;-)]


> Anyways... Mail, so much mail!  Guys, take a break :)

I fear most of 'em are on break. That's why they find the time to post
so much :-)

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