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Sun Jun 16 14:50:40 PDT 2002

On Friday 14 June 2002 10:31 pm, Steve Bougerolle wrote:

Steve, you have set up a no-win situation for any oppontent.

> Evidence that one life form is related to another in no way provides us
> with a mechanism for one evolving into another.  A clear record of
> accumulated varied mutations would of course suggest more clearly that
> it happened.  It still does nothing to explain HOW.  These genetic
> methods are only a more advanced and reliable way of making a point
> that's fairly obvious already; some organisms look like they developed
> from other organisms.  It still leaves unfilled THE big gap in
> evolutionary theory; a satisfactory mechanism that explains just how
> these changes can occur in such a way as to produce what you record.

The how has already been explained to you, but you simply ignore it.  There is 
no difference between "micro" and "macro" evolution.  If genetic changes can 
(and do) take place over a small amount of time then THAT is your mechanism 
for change.  Given enough time, a lot of small changes accumulate:  THAT is 
evolution.  The concept behind the theory is no more complex than that. 

> Don't misunderstand me - I find the subject fascinating, and I'm
> particularly interested in the "out of Africa" debate and theories of
> ethnic origins and so on.  I'm also not interested in nutty religious
> explanations (to my mind, whether you explain an evolutionary step as
> "spontaneous simultaneous random mutations" or "a miracle" is just a
> question of wording).  But I do think there are problems with evolution
> as a scientific theory, and I like to keep scientists honest.

Fear of peer review is adequate to keep scientists honest.

> In this case, what has perhaps triggered me is the last bit in that
> quote - "finding the evolutionary trees behind gene sequences".  You are
> assuming that there are evolutionary trees, and looking for evidence to
> support your assumption.  That's fair enough, but I find too many people
> tend to get carried away with that assumption and start to confuse it
> with absolute truth.  I hope you're not one of them?

Absolute truth??  You know one?  Absolutely?

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