Microsoft distributing Viruses

James Iwanek chthon at
Sun Jun 16 13:00:25 PDT 2002

well m$ does have the only MAJOR email client that distributes viruses.....
sort of like the typhoid mary of the internat huh ;-)

sorry mate - mailed that one to you


R. Bosch wrote:

> On Sunday 16 June 2002 00:56, you wrote:
>> i think the "Required Upgrade" to ie6 is so m$ Can spy on you (bet u
>> didnt know m$ put spyware in ie6 ;-) )
> Leme gues.... On a 56k modem you get 60% spy traffic, and 40% is the stuff
> you want ;-)
> What do you mean that M$ is just a waste of cyberspace? :-)
> Love ranting about M$, espesially when it's true!! :-D
> But this is honestly a bit of a real rant :-P

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