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Sun Jun 16 11:42:51 PDT 2002

On Sun, 16, Jun, 2002 at 02:03:14PM +0200, Fabio Fracassi spoke thus..
> On Sunday 16 June 2002 07:39, Rob 'Feztaa' Park wrote:
> > Alas! Mark Hymers spake thus:
> > > (apologies for the missing umlauts, can't figure out how to type
> > > them!).
> >
> > I believe it is a widely-held convention to put an 'e' right after an
> > umlauted letter, if you are unable to put the actual umlaut on it.
> >
> > Not being German, though, I can't say for sure.
> Being German, I can. it is right ü becomes ue, ö - oe ä - ae.
> The reverse, by the way is untrue, oe does not always equal ö, (etc.)

Ah.  Thank you - that's useful.  One of my flatmates this year was from
Germany and I'm still in touch with her by email.  Next time I try and
write any German, I'll remember to do this :-)  

[I can remember a bit of German from my GCSE days but not that much; the 
most important phrase for me being able to ask anyone if they speak English!]


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