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Rob 'Feztaa' Park feztaa at shaw.ca
Sat Jun 15 23:51:28 PDT 2002

Alas! Mark Hymers spake thus:
> Oh, and look at http://stats.linuxfromscratch.org/smtp at the last
> couple of days...

not sure what those numbers mean... can't possibly be mails (unless it's
mails sent to list multiplied by list members)...

Here's some (un)interesting trivia:

feztaa at feztron:/home/feztaa/mail/archives$ { for i in *lfs*; do echo -n "$i: "; grep ^From $i -c; done }|column -t         
2002-01-blfs-support:  656
2002-01-lfs-support:   2588
2002-02-blfs-support:  3433
2002-02-lfs-support:   1858
2002-03-blfs-support:  2659
2002-03-lfs-chat:      18
2002-03-lfs-support:   2576
2002-04-alfs-discuss:  46
2002-04-blfs-dev:      165
2002-04-blfs-support:  3318
2002-04-lfs-chat:      413
2002-04-lfs-dev:       234
2002-04-lfs-security:  2
2002-04-lfs-support:   2345
2002-05-alfs-discuss:  130
2002-05-blfs-dev:      314
2002-05-blfs-support:  3385
2002-05-lfs-chat:      732
2002-05-lfs-dev:       2065
2002-05-lfs-security:  43
2002-05-lfs-support:   1488
2002-06-alfs-discuss:  24
2002-06-blfs-dev:      190
2002-06-blfs-support:  2236
2002-06-lfs-chat:      1109
2002-06-lfs-dev:       834
2002-06-lfs-security:  11
2002-06-lfs-support:   1153

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