Don Smith don_smith at
Sat Jun 15 11:21:49 PDT 2002

Steve Bougerolle wrote:
> On Sat, 2002-06-15 at 00:15, Archaic wrote:
> > Absolutely. But here is the conundrum. Do we take away the rights of
> > these major conglomerations to make money?
> The interesting point to me here (a foreigner) is the way so many people
> discuss giving/taking rights as if they were some abstract commodity to
> be handed out by an all-powerful being according to some rules.  It's as
> if the real problem (a loss of different viewpoints) has been reduced to
> a simple logical debate.
> This interests me because I see that simplification as your real
> problem.  When did it become somebody else's job to decide what you see
> or hear?   If people were really interested in what these small
> businesses offer, then they could stay in business forever.  Instead
> people roll over for whoever offers them something convenient or
> expedient, and it follows naturally from there that large groups will
> have power over their lives and they'll have to sit idly grumbling about
> how much power they should have - because they've given it away and
> won't take it back.
> Of course, this point should be obvious to all of us who choose
> harder-to-use Linux instead of easy-to-use expedient Windows.
I did my part in supporting the small family run hardware store around
the corner from my house. They still went out of business and now I have
to drive to the Home Depot. Don't I have a right to grumble?

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