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Archaic <archaic at> wrote:

> > > That isn't enough. You have to prepare defense to it or succumb to
> > > it. It will happen eventually.
> > 
> > please detail how tactical missiles will defend against a biological
> > attack?
> Did I specify tactical missiles or did I say prepare defenses? I
> mentioned missile defense when nukes were being referred to.

yes, but the point is that it is well known that missiles are not
effective at ICBM defense, yet your military is happy to break treaties
to make this pointless 'defense'.

a feasible defense against ICBMs is lasers, especially now we can fire
them through significant ammounts of atmosphere and still have them
focus correctly, using flexible mirrors.

a feasible defense against a biological agent might be some sort of
broad band vaccine.

but the USA isnt working on those, instead, it builds missiles, and one
has to wonder what for?
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