Religion (Was Re: Music)

Albert Wagner alwagner at
Sat Jun 15 04:41:28 PDT 2002

I find myself siding with Archaic on this one.  Timothy, don't forget your 
argument for the power of ideas.  Even though it is currently beyond out 
technology I believe that imaginative, creative and motivated minds can 
indeed ultimately develop a 100% defense against missle attacks.  Particle 
beams weapons are currently capable of rendering missles inoperable.  True, 
there are still some engineering hurdles, but in theory it is possible and 
should be pursued.

On the other hand, suitcase bombs in the hands of fanatics is a very real 
threat and currently indefensible.  Yet, even here I believe that it is 
theorically possible to detect such a small amount of fissionable material, 
and research should go forward post haste.
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