Religion (Was Re: Music)

Albert Wagner alwagner at
Sat Jun 15 04:25:41 PDT 2002

On Saturday 15 June 2002 08:37 am, Archaic wrote:
> On Sat, Jun 15, 2002 at 02:43:10PM +0100, Ian Molton wrote:
> > because if you TRY to defend yourself, you get shot. better to
> > co-operate and fight back later.
> That is a philospohical difference between us that we will probably
> never agree on, then.

It's not really philosophical.  It is very pragmatic.  If you were arguing 
that the "right to bear arms" included the right to own artillery, bombers, 
and missles, then it might make sense.  But no firearm currently allowed by 
law is a real defense against a well trained and armed military force.  Your 
guns are simply a provocation that guarantees your own death.
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