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On Fri, Jun 14, 2002 at 06:52:03PM -0500, Albert Wagner wrote:
> I don't think government is the primary problem.  I think the bad
> government 

Human nature in general is the problem. Some will always be greedy and
some will always want to rule. Both are bad but they will always occur.

> we have now is an effect, not a cause of the problems that irritate
> and frighten most of us.  I think that the real problem is greed,
> capitalism gone berserk.  Our current government is a shell of what it
> should/could be because it is in the hands of the best that money can
> buy.  I believe that there are true and honest men in politics, but
> they must compromise with evil, and eventually become what they
> tolerate.  I believe that with two simple bills we can cure 90% of our
> ills: (1) the line item veto to cut way down on pork and (2) public
> funding of elections to eliminate the influence of corporations and
> the individual rich.  In short: one man, one vote NOT one dollar, one
> vote.

Better than a line item veto (which puts too much power into one
person's hands), how about not allowing congress to add any special pet
projects to a bill? As it stands now, crap gets piggybacked on to
practically every proposal that's made.

As far as public funding of elections, I could agree to that as long as
strict controls were in place to limit how much could be spent. But that
is still only idealisic, for are we to hire surveillance teams to make
sure that each and every candidate in all branches of gov't aren't
taking bribes? I don't see being able to stop bribe taking. I propose
term limits to at least keep someone from getting dug in so deep that we
can't even figure out what all they are doing.

> I don't think that you have looked deep enough into the fog.  The real
> enemy of the people is not the government.  They are simply the the
> mask that big money uses to hide who's really in charge.  You are

That is because we allow business to be considered an entity unto itself
much like a person is. But there is also a fine line that must be walked
to preserve freedom. Unfortunately people generally walk way to the left
or way to the right of that line. Hell, just getting closer to the line
would be a start. The most disheartening truth, though, is that gov't
isn't anymore corrupt than society. If we have greed in society, we will
have greed in gov't. That is sad, but unavoidable. Politicians are just
a microcosm of the general populace.

> This ought to be enough to keep us going for awhile :-)



The United States is in no way founded upon the Christian religion

- George Washington & John Adams, in a diplomatic message to Malta.

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