Gareth Jones moderob at
Sat Jun 15 03:54:09 PDT 2002

> > And this is exactly why I and many others stay clear of religion.
> > They all think they're right, but clearly they can't all be.  How are
> > you *logically* supposed to chose?

> I think a lot of us find that despite all sorts of good theoretical
> logical arguments on the subject, some day after we've got to know
> ourselves well we realize we already do believe in god in some way or
> other, despite the fine details.  After that it's just a matter of who
> makes the most sense (that'd be Christ, although not all of his
> followers), and coming from that perspective one doesn't really feel any
> need to sneer at other religions - they all have bits of truth in them
> that we can all learn from, regardless of which one we ultimately
> subscribe to.

> Are you one of those people?  Do you find yourself alone some day
> cursing your computer and asking "why doesn't this work?"  Who are you
> really talking to?  Your PC?  Yourself?  Just a random exclamation?  Or
> is there more?  That simple sort of direct question is what prayer is
> really all about.  It's just hard to see that sometimes through all the
> layers of formal rubbish that various religions pile on top of it.

When I curse my computer (and I do so frequently), it's a matter if good
stress relief (the other option being to trash £1.5k of equipment...), for
me atleast.  Also I'm generally the only person prepared to here my
stressed out and often abusive ramblings ;)

If I did believe in any god-like being I would not be involved in any
particular religion.  But much as I'd like to be able to believe in
something, I cannot without some logical/scientific evidence, and
none of the arguments have ever convinced me.

Now I'm away for the weekend, dread to imaging how much catchup
email reading I'll have to do on Monday...

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