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Alas! Don Smith spake thus:
> I was talking about laws being passed forcing public schools to teach
> religious doctrine, not about prayer in schools. That is a different
> subject on which I am divided. On the one hand, I grew up with moments
> of silence during which you were supposed to silently pray and see
> nothing wrong with that. On the other, I can see how a child who doesn't
> pray in that manner would be made very uncomfortable and would stand out
> as being "odd" which can be a terrible thing in school.

Well, I go to a catholic school, and I don't pray. There's actually a
designated 30 seconds or so where the class recites some prayer (in
unison). I just stand there with my mouth shut. It makes me feel like a
bit of an outsider, but I don't mind it much.

> Creation Theory is only viable if you ignore a great deal of facts. It
> is only accepted by the fundamentalists. It does not stand up to the
> rigors of the scientific method. BTW, what I mean by Creation Theory is
> that the Earth is ~6000 years old, everything was created in a literal 6
> days, and the fossil record was laid down by Noah's flood which also
> wiped out the dinosaurs.

Yeah, I remember how the bible said all those dinosaurs were there with
Adam and Eve, but then noah's flood killed 'em all... right...

Anybody been to (IIRC)? Basically it
points out all the bible's mistakes. The Creation ones are pretty funny.
Apparently all the first humans (Adam, Eve, and company) all lived to be
like 900 years old or so.

> Evolution Theory is admittedly a theory.

I have a beef with this statement. You don't really understand the
scientific method. The ultimate goal of science is not to create laws,
but to create theories. You see, a law is simply an observation. It can
be useful for calculations, but is not generally useful to the
scientific community. A theory, on the other hand, is an _explanation_
of an observation, which is really the entire goal of science.

> It cannot be proven without a time machine to go back and record it
> happening.

People seem to have this strange misconception that the Theory of
Evolution tries to say "Everything evolved from sea slime millions of
years ago". That's untrue. The theory states, more or less, that
"Evolution is the gradual change of genetic data in a species." It
doesn't have to be a change for the better, just a change. It has been
proven time and time again.

You know dog breeders? They breed dogs to have certain qualities.
_That's_ evolution. Yes, it's a very minor, _minor_ change, but it's the
most you're going to get for such a short time frame.

The classic example of evolution is the moths in Britain during the
industrial revolution: there used to be lots of white moths, who were
better camoflaged, then lots of pollution came, everything turned black,
and birds started eating more white moths because they were easier to
see. So the black moths became more prevalent in the species. _That's_

Anyway, I don't really come here for the religious debate, so I'm going
to wind this up for now ;)

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