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Fri Jun 14 19:34:30 PDT 2002

On Sat, 2002-06-15 at 00:15, Archaic wrote:
> Absolutely. But here is the conundrum. Do we take away the rights of
> these major conglomerations to make money? 

The interesting point to me here (a foreigner) is the way so many people
discuss giving/taking rights as if they were some abstract commodity to
be handed out by an all-powerful being according to some rules.  It's as
if the real problem (a loss of different viewpoints) has been reduced to
a simple logical debate.

This interests me because I see that simplification as your real
problem.  When did it become somebody else's job to decide what you see
or hear?   If people were really interested in what these small
businesses offer, then they could stay in business forever.  Instead
people roll over for whoever offers them something convenient or
expedient, and it follows naturally from there that large groups will
have power over their lives and they'll have to sit idly grumbling about
how much power they should have - because they've given it away and
won't take it back.

Of course, this point should be obvious to all of us who choose
harder-to-use Linux instead of easy-to-use expedient Windows.

Steve Bougerolle
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