Albert Wagner alwagner at
Fri Jun 14 11:38:45 PDT 2002

On Friday 14 June 2002 05:14 pm, Archaic wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 14, 2002 at 12:03:27PM -0500, Albert Wagner wrote:
> > What I find personally disagreeable in that remark is not that you would
> > defend your family if threatened, but rather that you would cop out of a
> > rational decision and allow "instinct" to take over.  Instinct is what
> > drives adolescents before they learn to use their frontal lobe.  Even
> > among soldiers, the best warriors learn to kill dispassionately because
> > it is their duty.  Discipline and training teaches them to control
> > "instinct" because it clouds their judgement and is therefore dangerous. 
> > If you are going to kill, then take responsibility for it and don't say
> > "the devil made me do it."
> And I suppose you can say with certainty what you would do in such an
> extreme situation? You know, several of us have been having quite good
> conversations this whole day. Then you decide to spout out 2
> inflammatory emails. What gives? 

I don't think what I said is inflammatory.  Apparently, "inflammatory" is a 
subjective judgement.  Perhaps you should reexamine your own posts to see if 
something you said might be misinterpreted.  I saw several that I interpreted 
as possibilities.

> Besides, if you think that of the 2,
> the frontal lobe won't take a back seat, you are mistaken. Militaries
> 'try' to remove it from the equation. They don't ever fully succeed.
> Some people are, however, more capable of such hardening of one's mind.
> Though I suppose that would be more of a genetic ability. And if you are
> going to say I'm not willing to take responsibility, just re-read my
> post that mentions going to prison for my actions.

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