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Don Smith wrote:
> Archaic wrote:
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> > On Fri, Jun 14, 2002 at 11:14:58AM -0400, Teibidh wrote:
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> > > B) My personal problem with it as well, you can't prove creation. Evolution
> > > at least has a few hundred years of theory, research and scientific fact to
> > > back it up.
> >
> > So where's the missing link? :)
> "Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" - I don't know who to
> attribute that to. Fossilization is an incredibly rare event on land,
> usually involving rapid burial shortly after death (or as a cause of
> death). Then the bones get buried under even more sediment as the land
> subsides. Then the fossil bed has to be uplifted and then we wait for
> erosion to expose the fossil.
> What is more surprising than the missing linkS is the fact that there
> are any fossils at all.
> Oh, and there's lots of DNA evidence for evolution coming out now that
> gene sequencing is readily available.

I just have to chime in to support this. I'm currently doing my Master's
thesis in Computational Biology. I am working with phylogeny, which is
all about finding the evolutionary trees behind gene sequences.

There is A LOT of science in these things.

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