Religion (Was Re: Music)

Tony Karakashian tkarakashian at
Fri Jun 14 12:42:31 PDT 2002

>> I also said that people who call themselves Christians should not believe in an Eye for an Eye.

I did not see that, I have not been following the Music thread if it's in there.

>> You keep insulting me by assuming i know nothing about history. I suppose you are angry that every argument you have made >> so far has been peacefully sent to /dev/null.

No insult is intended at all Timothy.  The fact is, I do not believe one can have religion without including people in it.  Someone has to follow it.  I agree that everyone who has commited atrocious acts in the name of their religion is violating their religion as the basis of almost every one is peace, love and tolerance.  What I do disagree with is the naive statements that one can change the world without backing it up with force.  Ghandi is one isolated incident in the entire history of mankind, and the change occured, IMHO, because the British Empire had lost use of their Indian territories and were looking for an "out".  I have read some arguments to that effect, but I could not quote sources on the spot.   The vast history of mankind is littered with the dead of those who would oppress and had been oppressed.


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