Religion (Was Re: Music)

Tony Karakashian tkarakashian at
Fri Jun 14 11:51:41 PDT 2002

>> You seem to assume that everyone who disagrees with you needs history lessons.  

That's not true.  However, in this case, history is the best teacher.  If one doesn't believe violence solves anything needs to see that it's never been the case.

>> Don't forget, while up there on your lofty perch, that history is written by the winners of a conflict to justify 
>> themselves.  The poor and illiterate had no input.

Not always.  The history of the Essenes and 1st-century christianity comes from the Qumron texts, more popularly known as the "Dead Sea Scrolls".  This is the history of their preparations for armeggedon, and it was written by them.  They had their input.


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