Teibidh teibidh at
Fri Jun 14 10:22:56 PDT 2002

>> > BUT: EVERYBODY ELSE has the exact same right. On the other hand NOBODY
>> > has the right to end someone elses life.
>> BS, if I come home and find you attempting to kill my wife or kids, you
>> are one dead SOB

>The reaction is ceartainly understandable (and I would probaly react
>but that doesnt make it your RIGHT.
>I don't deny the right to self defense, but mostly it isn't necessary to
>sombody in the process.
>> and I will defend that right for anyone.
>As I said, although very understandable it isn't a right.
>I know that You want to show an example of "emergency defence", but if you
>claim a right to kill an attacker, that is simple lowdown revenge.

    Now you're stepping in to the lines of idealism. The problem is that due
to implications made by organized religions and even the occasional petty
dictator over the years, we've come to believe that we're supposed to uphold
some standards lacking anywhere else in nature. Remember, we're animals.
We're self-aware, then, I think most animals are too. We can reach logical
conclusions. Then again, so can most animals, if not the most 'intellligent'
conclusions by our standards. We have prehensile thumbs... but then, so do
monkeys and apes... and monkeys have those cool-as-beans tails.
    What seperates us from the animals is that we think we're better than
they are... but they're not the ones destroying themselves or eachother. I
walk in and see someone attempting to bring harm, mental or physical to my
friends or family, I'm going to be true to my animal nature. Defend.

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