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Fri Jun 14 12:03:20 PDT 2002

On Friday 14 June 2002 18:01, Archaic wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 14, 2002 at 07:47:09PM +0200, Fabio Fracassi wrote:
> > to be defined). But I'd like to get a step further, I belive (Yes, this,
> > too is an arguable and very personal belive) that the concept of an
> > higher being is in most cases the easiest way to justify evil. Before you
> > flame me for
> Haw's this for a pradigm shift? God is evil. God created all things?
> Then he created Satan. There cannot be good without evil, right?
> Otherwise how would you define good. Satan is evil. God created him. God
> is evil. This really pisses people off, but it's only meant as a purely
> logical concept. And can't be argued successfully. The closest someone
> came to that was to mention the freewill of Satan. No. In both the bible
> and dogma, the thing that made us so special was free will. Lucifer was
> an angel, not a human. God had to instill evil into him.

Hm, I don't realy get your point, here. It sounds interesting, and I have 
heard simmilar arguments, but I dont see how it relates to what I have 

> > BUT: EVERYBODY ELSE has the exact same right. On the other hand NOBODY
> > has the right to end someone elses life.
> BS, if I come home and find you attempting to kill my wife or kids, you
> are one dead SOB 

The reaction is ceartainly understandable (and I would probaly react similar), 
but that doesnt make it your RIGHT. 
I don't deny the right to self defense, but mostly it isn't necessary to kill 
sombody in the process.

> and I will defend that right for anyone.

As I said, although very understandable it isn't a right. 
I know that You want to show an example of "emergency defence", but if you 
claim a right to kill an attacker, that is simple lowdown revenge.

> > "I might disagree with what you have to say, but I'll defend to the death
> > your right to say it." -- Voltaire
> Very much agreed! I have that somewhere in my sig files. :)
> That goes for all rights.

Sure. Translated to your example above it reads: Even if you dont respect my 
(or my loved ones) lives, I do respect yours.


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