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Fri Jun 14 09:39:25 PDT 2002

> > "I don't know". I think that is why religion was created in the first
> > place. To explain the unknown.
> I agree this is the reason for the existence of many
> religions, but i don't like to think it could apply
> to mine :)

And this is exactly why I and many others stay clear of religion.
They all think they're right, but clearly they can't all be.  How are
you *logically* supposed to chose?

Note all that follows is heavily simplified, I don't have time to write
an essay ;)

To me it seems religion fills a few purposes (in no particular order):
1) Explaining the unknown
2) Maintaining social order (people shouldn't kill each other etc) and
providing leadership.
3) Giving people faith or hope (to make getting through hard mortal
lives easier).

(1) is gradually being replaced with science.  (2) is replaced with law,
government.  Only (3) is still unanswered.  This is why people are moving
away from organised/formal religion, IMHO.

It is mainly on the formalisations (1) and (2) that religions differ and
you cannot argue one is correct over another.

In these days when every culture interacts with every other religion causes
more problems than it solves wrt (1) and (2) in particular.  Personally
I think the world would be a better plave if we could just agree on some
universal rights and wrongs etc.  and forget about relegion.  (Yeah, I know,
it'd never happen...)  It'd be a cruel god who condemned someone for that.
And if there is a god and humanity had a common and mature moral setup,
he/she/it could talk logic to us instead of playing silly buggers with
prophets etc. ;)

Hell I'm too tired for thinking about all this...
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