One more thing... (was Re: Wondering about Ncurses instructions)

Teibidh teibidh at
Fri Jun 14 08:50:16 PDT 2002

> > > You may disagree, however, you would still be wrong.
> > > If you pie-charted all the processing in the world,
> > > businesses would win out.  They do have many uses, but
> > > they were invented to increase productivity of businesses.
> >

    If you did that study today, I think you'd be sorely disappointed. If
you took all the timeslices for all the computers in the entire world and
saw what they were being used for you'd find probably close to 60% of those
timeslices being used to generate graphics and sounds either for games or
for bloated operating systems/user interfaces. 20% is being used by the
internet, be it client or server side applications. The remaining 20% is
being used compiling software, serving files, crunching profit-and-loss
statements, generating payroll, forecasting stock exchange movements... etc.

    It really doesn't matter what they were created for. The common man and
woman got ahold of them, and now, like everything else humanity has touched
for the past couple thousand years, they're screwed up:P

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