One more thing... (was Re: Wondering about Ncurses instructions)

Don Smith don_smith at
Fri Jun 14 08:27:27 PDT 2002

Timothy Bauscher wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 01:09:18PM -0400, Tony Karakashian wrote:
> > and concentrate on those making a positive impact rid
> > the world of proprietary's never going
> > to happen unless you provide people with the software
> > they NEED, not WANT.
> Proprietary software didn't use to be the way of computing,
> not until Xerox and Billy boy started choking the world.

Umm, IBM, Univac, et al. had proprietary software before you were born.
The big computers firms of the day even went so far as to patent their
word sizes! IBM got 32-bit, Univac got 36 and I believe Burroughs got 72
or 56 (don't really remember). The patents were later voided but not
before the damage was done.

> > You may disagree, however, you would still be wrong.
> > If you pie-charted all the processing in the world,
> > businesses would win out.  They do have many uses, but
> > they were invented to increase productivity of businesses.
> No, they were invented to assist in scientific and
> mathematical research and for use in educational facilities.
> They were also invented because people thought it would be
> cool to make a counting machine, they had no idea that it
> may prove useful to businesses until _far_ later.

Actually I think the modern electronic computer was invented to crack
enemy ciphers during WWII.

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