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Fri Jun 14 08:08:55 PDT 2002

Timothy Bauscher wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 14, 2002 at 09:30:46AM -0400, Don Smith wrote:
> > Please don't say that about Christians, it is the fundamentalist
> > Christians who believe that. They believe every word in the bible is the
> > revealed truth directly from God and since evolution theory contradicts
> > the creation story, it must be wrong.
> I did sort of point at an entire group of people
> didn't i? I should have said "Christians that i know".
> > If they want to believe that, it's fine with me. But now they are trying
> > to foist this view upon the general public via the public schools by
> > insisting that they teach "Creation Theory" right next to evolution.
> > That is totally outrageous. If I want religion taught in school, I'd
> > send my kids to a bible school.
> I can't help but agree and disagree. The way that
> religion is dealt with in the public school system
> stinks. A child not being allowed to even _speak_
> about religion is outrageous. Freedom of speech is
> dying, and what are we doing about it?
> Once freedom of speech is gone, that's it. The
> government will have complete control. People don't
> realize how important this freedom is.

I was talking about laws being passed forcing public schools to teach
religious doctrine, not about prayer in schools. That is a different
subject on which I am divided. On the one hand, I grew up with moments
of silence during which you were supposed to silently pray and see
nothing wrong with that. On the other, I can see how a child who doesn't
pray in that manner would be made very uncomfortable and would stand out
as being "odd" which can be a terrible thing in school.

I do not know what is the right thing to do. How do you resolve the
Freedom of Speech vs. Freedom of Religion? I lean towards Freedom of
Speech since that freedom is absolutely essential in maintaining all the
other freedoms.

> As for creation theory and the theory of evolution,
> i'm not clear on my opinion. Both are widely accepted,
> and neither can be proven. I don't think one should
> be forced in just because another is, it should be up
> to the teachers to decide their curriculum.
Creation Theory is only viable if you ignore a great deal of facts. It
is only accepted by the fundamentalists. It does not stand up to the
rigors of the scientific method. BTW, what I mean by Creation Theory is
that the Earth is ~6000 years old, everything was created in a literal 6
days, and the fossil record was laid down by Noah's flood which also
wiped out the dinosaurs.

I guess there are alternative like God created the fossils to give us
something to puzzle over or Satan created the fossils to lead us away
from God. These are much more viable theories but take it out of the
realm of scientific inquiry. What use is scientific inquiry if all the
facts are lies?

Evolution Theory is admittedly a theory. It cannot be proven without a
time machine to go back and record it happening. It however does not
ignore the facts of the fossil record but rather is adjusted to fit the
facts. Some people see this adjusting as proof of some kind of hoax
perpetrated upon the public by a bunch of scheming atheistic scientists.
In reality that is just the way the scientific method works.

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