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Jack Brown jbrown at
Fri Jun 14 08:11:31 PDT 2002

Archaic wrote:
> On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 10:23:49AM -0700, Timothy Bauscher wrote:
> Where is HURD evolving? They are trying to write something that works,
> not evolve it. It doesn't matter how fast they can create an OS and a
> app. If that app already exists, they are not progressing. It's when
> they go _beyond_ what has already been done that they shift from
> catch-up to progress. Note: I'm using the term progress in the
> comparison we are using here versus proprietary software). Sure,
> bugfixes are progress. Just not progress towards something new (other
> than less bugfixes). :)


   The HURD is quite a bit different from Linux.  So it's not really 
valid to argue that they are simply recreating the work already done on 
the Linux kernel.  In many way's they whole point of the HURD it to try 
to "evolve" the notion of what is typicaly called a kernel into 
something new.  This in particular (I think) is why HURD development 
never stoped completly (it did drop _WAY_ off the radar for quite a 
while).  Some people seem to have the idea that RMS suported HURD simply 
because it was a GNU project, and that he somehow had it in for Linux. 
There are some documents on which describe why they decided to 
continue work on The HURD in spite of the fact that Linux had progressed 
so far.  Basically what he says is that if Linux had been around at the 
time when HURD was conceived they probably would never have started the 
project since they're more intrested in trying to start projects that 
fill a gap where there isn't already a good free software solution. 
But, that by the time Linux came along they had fleshed out an idea for 
a kernel (for lack of a better term, it really isn't a kernel persay)
which was very different from what anyone else had ever tried, they felt 
they should continue development regardless, just to see where it might 

   Perspnally I use Linux for just about everything so don't get me 
wrong I dont feel that people should be scrambling to drop Linux in 
favour of HURD.  But I do get the idea that alot of the peple who 
complain about HURD don't understand what it is.  The best thing I can 
sugest is to try it out your self and see first hand.  It's much like 
the difference between BSD and Linux,  Without actually having tried 
both it's kind of pointless to argue the merits of one vs. the other.

Jack Brown

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