Don Smith don_smith at
Fri Jun 14 06:30:46 PDT 2002

Timothy Bauscher wrote:
> I think that evolution is fact, and i am certainly glad
> that we have a decent scientific explanation for the way
> life changes on our planet. Catholics (i'm catholic) seem
> to accept evolution as a method of God's work, but i've
> noticed that Christians will cut their own heads off before
> they will accept evolution as a theory. I'm not trying to
> start a flamewar about this, i'm just curious really.
Please don't say that about Christians, it is the fundamentalist
Christians who believe that. They believe every word in the bible is the
revealed truth directly from God and since evolution theory contradicts
the creation story, it must be wrong.

If they want to believe that, it's fine with me. But now they are trying
to foist this view upon the general public via the public schools by
insisting that they teach "Creation Theory" right next to evolution.
That is totally outrageous. If I want religion taught in school, I'd
send my kids to a bible school.

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