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Thu Jun 13 20:45:50 PDT 2002

On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 09:03:55PM -0500, Archaic wrote:
> One concept I have never and will never believe is that we are good
> because of religion.

I wouldn't even dream that. People have done terrible
things in the name of religion. Even today, as Israel
is facing strike after hateful strike, religion plays
a big role in war.

As a Christian, i am a follower of Christ. Christ was
not a warrior, but a man of peace. It sickens me that
many Christians view war as a solution, or the death
penalty as justice, and yet they call themselves

Reporter: "What do you think about Western Civilization?"
Mahatma Gandhi: "I think it would be a good idea."

> People do their nature with or without religion.
> Some thoughts are suppressed, but if willful, is
> done without religion. I do not kill other humans
> because a book says not to. I believe the same
> goes with law. A law doesn't stop me from doing
> something. It just defines punishment for those
> actions.

Humans are capable of terrible evil. Although
Lord of the Flies is a fictional book, it shows
the de-civilization on an island of chaos, and
their decent into murder.

> I see the bible as an ancient law book.

Many people see the Bible that way. I see the
Bible as God's message to creation.

> Actually, that is what the Old Testament
> exactly is.

Much of the Old Testament is about law. IMO,
the Bible is more than a law book, it is a book
of truth.

> My only beef with religion is the lengths some
> people will go to shove it down someone's throat
> (I'm not making that assumption here).

I don't mind if someone talks to me about religion,
or about anything else for that matter. I love
understanding other view points, even though i
might not agree with them.

If a person is instructed to teach others about
their religion and convert them, i see no harm in
that. The problem comes when, as you said it, some
force their religion down your throat. This isn't
any different then someone shoving their opinion
down your throat, but it's often a lot harder to
swallow :)


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