One more thing... (was Re: Wondering about Ncurses instructions)

Mark Hymers markh at
Thu Jun 13 17:57:45 PDT 2002

On Thu, 13, Jun, 2002 at 03:04:08PM -0700, Timothy Bauscher spoke thus..
> Their point was that termcap is disabled by default,
> and --disable-termcap could be ommitted and receive
> the same results. As the thread said, i tested this.
> It built perfectly well without that parameter, and
> all of the files which exist during a build with the
> parameter also existed without the parameter.
> The most interesting part, which makes me think for
> sure that termcap is disabled by default, was that
> when captoinfo is launched on either build, it still
> produces the same result:
> "Can't open /etc/termcap"

Hmm.  I wonder if the --disable-termcap is a hangover from an earlier
build process then (pre /static seperation or something).
/me goes to

I've just looked through the history of the ncurses-inst.xml file and it
has always been there including (from the looks of it) before
ncurses-5.2.  I wonder if it used to default differently and we just
never changed it.

OK, having written the above, I've just looked through the museum and
this option (--disable-termcap) first appeared in LFS-2.3.6 with the
following changelog comment:

* .Chapter 5: Added the --disable-termcap option to configure to disable
   termcap backward compatibility (if you want to know why termcap isn't 
   used anymore, please read the INSTALL file that comes with the Ncurses 

This is with ncurses-5.1 so I'm tempted to think that it just remained
at the upgrade to ncurses-5.2 and that we've kept it ever since even
though you say it now appears we don't need it.

This is heading drastically back on-topic for lfs-dev so I'm cc'ing it
there.  Replies as appropriate (probably to lfs-dev)

> > I'd reckon we should leave it as-is for now.  Maybe Gerard will respond
> > to that thread, I'll be interested to see what he has to say.
> Yes. I'm not touching it. He should decide.



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