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Thu Jun 13 14:21:19 PDT 2002

"Robert Ian Smit"  wrote in message

> I am not Catholic or part of any religion. However my parents are
> Catholics and I went to Catholic schools. So I have been exposed to
> Catholicism in a very mild and friendly manner.

> Your reasoning is valid. Personally I would like to propose
> just one change. Please don't be offended or insulted.

Never insulted, everybody is entitled to his/her own opinions and beliefs.

> You say "God CREATED man".

> I would  say "Man created God".

> Please note, that you're reasoning still stands if you accept that change
> just for the time is takes to read your own words again.

> There are very strong reasons why God exists. That being said, I have
> never seen proof. I respect the believes of other people. Personally I
> think God is very important but not real in any sense I relate to.

Although I don't follow the same belief, I do support your logic there.  Man
very well may have simply created a god to worship.  Is it possible to
prove either?  I've never found any proof for either view.  But have made
a choice, in faith, without proof, to follow what I believe.  Did we create
this perfect being only in our imagination?  I can't answer that, nor can
anybody else.  I think I've totally forgot my point in writing this
My point was only to say that there was no offence taken and I hope
given here.  I much enjoy hearing others share their thoughts on this

> If I am wrong I hope that someday, somewhere He will share with me
> the wisdom subscribed to Him. This is not a just in case, rather heaven
> than hell statement. Religion plays no part in my life. If I have to
> myself (I can't exclude that possibility) I will take it as it comes and
> I will not regret any of my previous thoughts.

I would hope the same.  And you shouldn't have to explain yourself to
anyone, but these, as I stated before, make for interesting conversation
IMO :-)

Okay..I'm done rambling


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