One more thing... (was Re: Wondering about Ncurses instructions)

Björn Lindberg at
Thu Jun 13 13:57:58 PDT 2002

Archaic wrote:

> Where is HURD evolving? They are trying to write something that works,
> not evolve it. It doesn't matter how fast they can create an OS and a
> app. If that app already exists, they are not progressing. It's when
> they go _beyond_ what has already been done that they shift from

Well, Hurd is a micro-kernel architecture, so in some ways it is very
different from the Linux kernel. Some people thinks that micro-kernels
are superior, so if they ever get that thing ready, it could well be
that it turns out to be a very good alternative.

The micro-kernel architecture also means that it has some features that
monolithic kernels lack, so it is more than a clone of or playing
catch-up with Linux.

Just some points to maybe justify the existance of Hurd. :-)

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