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On Thu, 13, Jun, 2002 at 08:59:02PM +0200, Robert Ian Smit spoke thus..
> On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 07:42:47AM -0700, Timothy Bauscher wrote:
> > On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 10:13:50AM +0200, Robert Ian Smit wrote:
> > > Music is certainly one of the most beautiful things I know.
> > > However is it really an achievement in and of itself? I can enjoy
> > > music without having any understanding of what the musician does.

Interesting, I find that having a reasonable knowledge of music (see
below) gives me an insight I don't feel I had when I was younger but I
certainly agree that it isn't needed to enjoy the music.  Indeed, I'm
not sure that the fact I have a better insight now than before is
because of studying music for several years or because I'm just getting
older :-)

> > I think that music itself is an achievement. And, certainly,
> > each note which Bach wrote is an achievement, a masterpiece.
> Yes the old Bach was certainly a master. For me the achievement is
> that he got noticed and that we still listen to his music.
<aol>Me too!</aol>

I used to study Music (indeed, I started it at University level before I
switched to being a medical student - a *long* story, don't ask!) and I
have to say that JS Bach produced some of the most intricate and
beautiful music ever written.  Shame really that it was lost between his
death in 1750 and the revival by Mendelssohn during his lifetime
(1809-1847 although I'm not sure at which point in his life he
championed Bach, I believe it was pretty much something he did from the
start).  BTW, I also rank Mendelssohn very highly.

> Ofcourse, that is true at least for an individual. I personally
> don't like the word potential. At times I have been guilty of
> remaining a promise in a certain field. I could have been better or
> stronger or richer or whatever. Isn't life the crap you do, while
> busy planning it. I quote (not very accurately) John Lennon.

I'd forgotten about that quote.  It makes me think a *lot*...

> Human life consists of choices. Not to choose _now_ is also a choice. 
> Concepts like history and future influence a choice, but they remain
> concepts that only exist in the present.
> I don't want to be pedantic and I can imagine a lot of people not
> reading this. I am happy to continue this discussion, but would not
> mind taking it elsewhere. If you want to respond to my ramblings
> feel free to either address the list or me privately.

Well, IMO, lfs-chat is the OT list for the LFS project where we can talk
about anything so if no-one objects, I think it'll be interesting to be
continued here.


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