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On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 01:52:30PM -0500, DJ Lucas wrote:
> While I may admit my ignorance, I thought Catholicism was a form of
> christianity.  At anyrate, I do have to step in and say that not all
> crhistians are so narrow minded.  I for one beleive evolution and the 6 day
> story go hand in hand.  I love these types of discussions  But
> here are my arguments.  God CREATED man.  From an artistic point of view, to
> create is to refine untill it's perfect.  You think eveytime I paint a
> picture I make one magical brush stroke for each color, or everytime I write
> a new song, the lyrics and music just flow perfectly each and every time?
> Hell no!
> While I'm not the bible thumper here and know each and every verse, I do
> know that it says somewhere that a day to God can be as much as 10,000
> years.  Evolutions come into play perfectly here I think.  And It seems I
> had something to add about the orginal topic Music, but I can't remember
> now. lol So I'll end it.  Please, comments? Agree, Disagree?

I am not Catholic or part of any religion. However my parents are
Catholics and I went to Catholic schools. So I have been exposed to
Catholicism in a very mild and friendly manner.

Your reasoning is valid. Personally I would like to propose
just one change. Please don't be offended or insulted. 

You say "God CREATED man".

I would say "Man created God".

Please note, that you're reasoning still stands if you accept that change just 
for the time is takes to read your own words again.

There are very strong reasons why God exists. That being said, I have never seen
proof. I respect the believes of other people. Personally I think God is
very important but not real in any sense I relate to.

If I am wrong I hope that someday, somewhere He will share with me the wisdom
subscribed to Him. This is not a just in case, rather heaven than
hell statement. Religion plays no part in my life. If I have to explain myself
(I can't exclude that possibility) I will take it as it comes and I
will not regret any of my previous thoughts.

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