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Thu Jun 13 11:52:30 PDT 2002

"Timothy Bauscher"  wrote in message

> I think that evolution is fact, and i am certainly glad
> that we have a decent scientific explanation for the way
> life changes on our planet. Catholics (i'm catholic) seem
> to accept evolution as a method of God's work, but i've
> noticed that Christians will cut their own heads off before
> they will accept evolution as a theory. I'm not trying to
> start a flamewar about this, i'm just curious really.

While I may admit my ignorance, I thought Catholicism was a form of
christianity.  At anyrate, I do have to step in and say that not all
crhistians are so narrow minded.  I for one beleive evolution and the 6 day
story go hand in hand.  I love these types of discussions  But
here are my arguments.  God CREATED man.  From an artistic point of view, to
create is to refine untill it's perfect.  You think eveytime I paint a
picture I make one magical brush stroke for each color, or everytime I write
a new song, the lyrics and music just flow perfectly each and every time?
Hell no!
While I'm not the bible thumper here and know each and every verse, I do
know that it says somewhere that a day to God can be as much as 10,000
years.  Evolutions come into play perfectly here I think.  And It seems I
had something to add about the orginal topic Music, but I can't remember
now. lol So I'll end it.  Please, comments? Agree, Disagree?


D.J. Lucas

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