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Tony Karakashian tkarakashian at
Thu Jun 13 11:24:27 PDT 2002

>> I am a student. I can make enough money from part time work to sustain myself and my DSL connection. That's
>> all i care about. I don't have the expenses which other people do, because i don't need Televisions, cellular
>> phones, pagers, newspapers, cars, or vacations to be happy.

Then, you are not human, and may not participate in human issues.  :) You may not need those particular things, but once you get out of school, you will want a roof over your head.  The basic neccessities of life, which are currently provided you free of charge, cost money.  Sorry, you will have to dirty your hands handling SOME money, some day.  You may choose to be poor, but that choice carries more consequences than your "freedom".  For example, poor neighborhoods are typically crime-ridden.  Is your life, strike the life of your future children worth your principals?  I currently live in a "low-rent" district, which is fine for my wife and myself.  However, when we have children, we will move to a "ritzy" part of town to provide them with more benefits.  

>> Proprietary software didn't use to be the way of computing, not until Xerox and Billy boy started choking the world.

Xerox did nothing with their patents for their software, one of the primary reasons they're in such poor financial state.  

There will always be developers willing to fulfill the
need of a business. Just because they charge for their
software, it doesn't mean it is not free (as in freedom).

<snip HURD doesn't hold Linux back>
> Yes, it does.  As long as coding hours are spent on the
> HURD, instead of Linux, Linux isn't progressing as fast
> as it could.

>> You are thinking in terms of opportunity costs. Look at the bigger picture. Eventually, HURD will die off. 

I am looking at the big picture.  As you pointed out, HURD's been around longer than Linux.  Linux has been around for 10 years, in computing terms, that's a thousand generations and it's still not viable.  But, all that effort is being put into it.  Despite the fact the horse is dead, it still shows up at the track.

>> No, they were invented to assist in scientific and mathematical research and for use in educational facilities.
>> They were also invented because people thought it would be cool to make a counting machine, they had no idea that it
>> may prove useful to businesses until _far_ later.

Regardless of the initial intent, that is where we are today.  Welcome to the 21st century.

>> That's the way i see it. If a person doesn't use free software, then they lose freedom. If a person is incapable
>> of seeing freedom as greater than themselves, then i consider them to be ignorant.

a) ignorance is not stupidity.  b) my CHOICE of using Microsoft products does not cost me any freedom, nor that of my company, nor anyone else in the world.  Aside from maybe the freedom to steal the use of that software, but that's not a freedom.

>> Great attitude, it'll get you far...
>> Believe it or not, the reason smart managers
> Oxymoron.

Much less so than "smart student".

>> For one window manager? Why? That's more about looks than it is purpose. 

No it isn't.  How your programs are laid affects your productivity and efficiency.  Having the items you need within your dock does as well.  These are minor items, but they have less to do about looks.  If I wanted a desktop that looked like KDE, but used AfterStep because it's faster, that would be about looks.

>> Do you think evolution has a fast-forward button or something?

Not precisely, however the world has work to do, and we can't wait on you to do it.  Since the proprietary companies are making progress, you need to do so as well.

>> Or they become managers.

Or, they never entered reality.  I'm sorry, Timothy, you generally have some good arguments, but you need to come back in about 10 years.  I would be willing to lay serious odds that you will think nothing of what you've said here.

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