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Timothy Bauscher timothy at
Thu Jun 13 10:57:21 PDT 2002

On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 01:09:18PM -0400, Tony Karakashian wrote:
> >> Woh, dude. Ever heard of wrapping your text?
> Wraps fine for me, Dude.

> >> I program because it is fun. 
> Great, I hope whoever is supporting you financially
> continues to do so while you have fun.

I am a student. I can make enough money from part time
work to sustain myself and my DSL connection. That's
all i care about. I don't have the expenses which other
people do, because i don't need Televisions, cellular
phones, pagers, newspapers, cars, or vacations to be

> That's great.  We'll skip the independantly wealthy,
> such as yourself, who don't need to code to earn a
> living

Just because someone is a volunteer, it doesn't mean
they don't work. I am not wealthy by any means. And,
since i despise money, i will probably be poor all my
life -- fine by me.

> and concentrate on those making a positive impact rid
> the world of proprietary's never going
> to happen unless you provide people with the software
> they NEED, not WANT.

Proprietary software didn't use to be the way of computing,
not until Xerox and Billy boy started choking the world.

There will always be developers willing to fulfill the
need of a business. Just because they charge for their
software, it doesn't mean it is not free (as in freedom).

<snip HURD doesn't hold Linux back>
> Yes, it does.  As long as coding hours are spent on the
> HURD, instead of Linux, Linux isn't progressing as fast
> as it could.

You are thinking in terms of opportunity costs. Look at
the bigger picture. Eventually, HURD will die off. It is
less "fit". This is the evolution of software. The same
thing occurs in proprietary software, Apple and microsCoft.

This is the nature of competition. You can't force one
brand upon people, nobody wants that... except for Billy
boy perhaps.

> You may disagree, however, you would still be wrong.
> If you pie-charted all the processing in the world,
> businesses would win out.  They do have many uses, but
> they were invented to increase productivity of businesses.

No, they were invented to assist in scientific and
mathematical research and for use in educational facilities.
They were also invented because people thought it would be
cool to make a counting machine, they had no idea that it
may prove useful to businesses until _far_ later.
> So, that's the solution?  If you don't use free software,
> you're stupid? 

That's the way i see it. If a person doesn't use free
software, then they lose freedom. If a person is incapable
of seeing freedom as greater than themselves, then i
consider them to be ignorant.

> Great attitude, it'll get you far...
> Believe it or not, the reason smart managers

> Following your survival of the fittest software theory,
> we should have only one POSIX-type OS, but that's still
> not the case. There still isn't even one window manager,
> yet.

For one window manager? Why? That's more about looks than
it is purpose. That's like expecting everyone here to
like green, and only green, because i love green.

> How long should the world wait?

Do you think evolution has a fast-forward button or

> Yes.  And human beings who don't have the features
> you need, either don't get hired, or they get fired.

Or they become managers.

> I consider Gerard to be a very intellegent person.
> His slogan, however, is one of the most obnoxious,
> self-centered, dumbass things I've ever read.

I love it :)

> Not one tool can fix every problem.  It's interesting
> that you would believe that, since you're so fond of
> alternatives.

Got me there. I just like his quote though.


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