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Thu Jun 13 08:54:43 PDT 2002

>> These aren't businesses making software, they are volunteers.  Progress for the sake of progress is bullshit. These volunteers make programs because it gives them a high, 
>> because they love doing it.

Do you want people to use the software, or are you doing it entirely for your benefit (not necessarily YOU per se, but take as an example the HURD developers)?  If you're doing it for your personal benefit, great.  If you're doing it to provide software, albeit free, to the world, then some progress needs to be made.  Believe it or not, computers serve as their primary purpose for conducting businesses.  If you want businesses to use your software, in place of a certain Redmond-based company's, your going to have to make it work the way businesses want.  Regardless of whether it's free or not, a business runs on it's software.

>> There are lots of overlapping projects out there which result in the duplication of work. But, i think that this has positive
>> impacts which only competition can create. Eventually, one program becomes more "fit" for survival and wins out. 
This theory has been completely disproven by the current state of the Open Source movement.  There's a dozen choices in OSes.  Within those choices, there may be dozens of choices for each individual software package you want to run.  Some have the features you need, some do not.  Should the world be forced to reboot into 5 different OSes just to get all the features they want?  
I'm not saying there should be just one OS, 'cause you know which one I'd choose...I'm saying some of these forks need to be collapsed.  Take for example the various "Steps".  You've got GnuStep, AfterStep, and WindowMaker.  All do pretty much exactly the same thing.  They all pretty much use each other themes, dock apps, and libraries.  So, why not pick one, and move the development of all these disparate systems to this one.  Developement of the whole will progress a lot faster.
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