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Thu Jun 13 07:42:47 PDT 2002

On Thu, Jun 13, 2002 at 10:13:50AM +0200, Robert Ian Smit wrote:
> Music is certainly one of the most beautiful things I know.


> However is it really an achievement in and of itself? I can enjoy
> music without having any understanding of what the musician does.

I think that music itself is an achievement. And, certainly,
each note which Bach wrote is an achievement, a masterpiece.

> I believe our ability to enjoy music stems from something that we
> have lost touch with through evolution: we love it we but don't know
> why. I think I can explain my love for women better than my love for
> music.

I think that evolution is fact, and i am certainly glad
that we have a decent scientific explanation for the way
life changes on our planet. Catholics (i'm catholic) seem
to accept evolution as a method of God's work, but i've
noticed that Christians will cut their own heads off before
they will accept evolution as a theory. I'm not trying to
start a flamewar about this, i'm just curious really.

> For me the most quintessential quality of humans is related to
> thought, conception and amazement. I believe all other things great or small
> can be understood by that notion. 

But, can musical and artistic talent be covered by those?

> Mozart, a composer I truly love and admire, would not be the Mozart
> without us "lower" beings.

He would still have been fabulous, we just wouldn't have
noticed how fabulous he was because we were equally fabulous :)

> So I share the idea behind your message. It's just that I don't
> value achievements that much.

If one cannot look into their past and say "look how far i've
come, and look how far i've yet to go", then they are just living
their lives oblivious to their potential.

> What is achieved is in the past, I
> want to look ahead. Having said that, I know you can only love
> something that already exists and as such is part of the past.

I disagree. I think that things in the future can be loved as
well. The other day, i decided that the present tense should
be eliminated altogether. There is no present tense, we are
constantly shifting into the future.


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