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Fabio Fracassi turiya at linuxfromscratch.org
Tue Jun 11 14:13:34 PDT 2002

On Tuesday 11 June 2002 21:03, DJ Lucas wrote:
> Okay, just an update on what I managed to find on LKML Archives.
> Nothing mentioned on the 333 as of yet, however, problems with VIA
> were still present up to 2.4.18 and some of the pre's for the
> 19th.  Specifically USB, ACPI and MTRR Support.  Looks as
> though some of these problems were magically disapearing at
> 2.4.19-pre-8 release. Wasn't able to find anthing on Via (cept for Rhine)
> beyond the may 21 archive, so looks like maybe they are getting to these
> issues.  I'm not sure if I'm going ahead with the A7V yet or not, but
> thanks Ian for the info.  I'll keep readin and see what I can see..lol.
> Surprizingly enough, I didn't see anything about IDE problems in the may
> archive either.

Hi, I haven't realy read this tread, so what I say might be irrelevant for 

Untily reacently I had an A7V-133 board, and have encountered frequent 
lookups, which I couldn't trace to software problems, but which disapperared 
on my new PC. I now have an MSI board with the VIA333.

Well this is no proof, that the newer chip is better, but it hints into this 


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