Was Collecting SBUs now, Fast compile engines

Chris Lingard chris at stockwith.co.uk
Tue Jun 11 03:02:59 PDT 2002

Ian Molton wrote:

> On Tue, 11 Jun 2002 00:38:35 -0500
> "DJ Lucas" <dj_me at swbell.net> wrote:
>> A7V333 looks to be the best board out there for me,
> avoid via. seriously, the bugs inb earlier versions cause subtle and
> not-so-subtle corruptions and you DONT want that.
> if you can wait, then read LKML and see if anyone is getting the
> same problems as the old via 266 chipset. My guess is that its
> basically an upclocked version of the same.
> if you cant wait, get an AMD chipset based board.

Good your back again

Read about M/B at week end and looked at chip sets

So  Is this right

Tyan  Tiger  MP(S2460) AMD-760 MP Chipset

Two MP1800

With 512 Mb PC2100 DDR memory

Now more questions

Do I need a memory board for each processor

How can they claim 3Gb possible with only three memory slots.

UMDA  100 disk,  but this must be buffer speed?


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