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Rocco Rutte s1118644 at
Mon Jun 10 09:57:34 PDT 2002

* Archaic wrote:


> You are forgetting one thing. The power to compete.

I know.

> In my area there is one cable service providing one cable
> internet service. I have no choice. They know this. They
> don't drop prices except in an introductory new customer
> period. This is the norm all throughout the US.

I live in Germany where the population density is much
higher than in the U.S. and thus there's more competition.
And I know that every market has its own rules -- that
includes that the whole system doesn't work as customers
like because of a lack of competition. On the other hand
it's the goal of lots of companies to gain a monoply.

It's quite theoretical, sure, but the customer's only power
is the power of decision. Although, in your case, there's no
alternative it's kind of your and other's ``fault''.

> It's all about the money they make.


> Do you really think that once they have paid for their
> infrastructure, their prices will drop? Hell, no.

Hmm, yes. If there's enough competition they will decrease
-- if there's not enough competition they won't. That's part
of the game. I guess I would do the same.

Cheers, Rocco
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