help me name my computers!

Mark Hymers markh at
Mon Jun 10 18:17:55 PDT 2002

On Tue, 11, Jun, 2002 at 02:02:30AM +0200, Johannes Berth spoke thus..
> * James Iwanek <chthon at> [11.06.02 01:01]:
> > hey guys, ive been naming my 15 odd computers (or at least attempting to)
> > but ive run out of ideas. any one got any ideas?
> dd if=/dev/random bs=1 count=6 |mmencode

ARGH!  The first copy of this went straight to Johannes - sorry about
that Johannes (hit 'r' instead of 'L').  See the last sentance for my


What's mmencode do?  I searched the debian archives and for them it
seems to be in the xemacs package (/me shudders...).  Is it available
seperately?  Enquiring (and slightly tipsy) minds want to know :-)



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