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Rocco Rutte s1118644 at
Fri Jun 7 23:59:52 PDT 2002

* Björn Lindberg wrote:
> Rocco Rutte wrote:

> > Another point is that there has to be a need for more
> > bandwith to make ISPs provide more bandwith under
> > similar pricing conditions. That means, if you don't
> > need that much you maybe save money. That's what I see
> > as a result of file-sharing.

> And who do you think will in the end pay extra if the
> provider's costs go up?

Good question. It took some time to think about it.

In the begining such offers may be expensive, sure. But
there're two facts which make the end-user's price for
highspeed services decrease by the time.

The first is the fact that big ISPs try to earn money and
sometimes keep the customer prices below the actual costs,
as a kind of advertisement. So to say, they spent money to
make people not go to opponents.

The second fact is that highspeed connections are expensive
because the equipment is expensive. You need a really fast
routing infrastructure and you need servers which can handle
more requests per time unit. And the price level for such
high-end equipment decreases if the number of sold products
increases. Maybe not dramatically, but it decreases (which
is the same for ordinary consumer products).

I don't see mail as the only bandwith consuming problem.
Usenet causes lots of traffic, graphic-overloaded webpages
waste bandwith (some single websites require me to load
~100k of data to view the full version; with lynx only a
few kb), etc.

Cheers, Rocco
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