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Jesse Tie-Ten-Quee highos at linuxfromscratch.org
Fri Jun 7 23:29:17 PDT 2002


On Fri, Jun 07, 2002 at 11:35:12PM +0200, Bj?rn Lindberg wrote:
> You forgot 0) CPU speed, which is the most important factor, IMO. Of
> course, we could argue about the significance of CPU speed versus CPU
> cache speed/size, but it is not very fruitful, since faster (more
> modern) processors generally come with faster/larger caches.

Uh.. k, I'm not a hardware guy.  I know enough to get by and prefer the
software end of computers.  However there are certain things you pick up
after a while and one of them is that after a while CPU Mhz/speed is

There are two major things i've noticed that can _really_ make a
difference, at least if we are talking x86...

HDs.  It's problably the one major component of today's PCs which is
still seriously lacking and [imho] has not kept up with everything else.

Sure you can get Ultra160 SCSI 15kRPM HDs, however that isn't in
everyone's price range, and not even that impressive when you consider
what the MB/per $ ratio is compared to IDE for example.

The other area is what Ian mentioned, in cache;

Recently with all the talk about SBU's and compile time, it's been a hot
topic on #LFS.  One of the guys (Andrew Friedley aka saai) has a Dual P2
400Mhz Xeon w/ 2MB L2.

Even only using one CPU, he gets better compile times then Gandalf's
AthlonXP 1800+ (which like Ian pointed out, is faster then Gerard's P4),
which just goes to show you, how much of a difference more cache can

Where only talking about 400Mhz here.. that's like less then a thrid of
these 1.6/2.2Ghz boxes were talking about.  Just consider what happens when
you get these things in SMP :) [even if x86 is lacking in that regard]

Not that Xeon's are that easy to come by, unless you shop around on ebay
and get some really good deals like Andrew did..

So, yes.  CPU Mhz and speed do matter.  However there are other things
you can do to really improve the speed of your system...

Anyways.. i'm sorta rambling now, and it's getting way to late for sane
thoughs to live in my head, let alone be translated to an e-mail.  So
just consider this a weird post by someone that isn't as well informed
as he should be =)

[Id *kill* for Xeon 900Mhz w/ 2MB..and so would saai;  thou at that
point, and considering how expensive those 900Mhz still are, id almost
be cheaper going with PPC/UltraSparc/Alpha ;) - Even if I was happy with
my Dual PIII 750's with u160 10kRPM's doing less then 20min ch5 builds,
god damn I want that box out of storage again!]

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