vim and email?

Björn Lindberg at
Thu Jun 6 13:46:13 PDT 2002

Rocco Rutte wrote:
> * Paulo Andre' wrote:
> > Traffic and bandwidth are neither free nor infinite, so it
> > upsets me a great deal that people send HTML email - most
> > folks are simply unaware of all this wasting, I unfortunately
> > deal with it on a dayily basis.
> But as always there's also another point of view.
> I hope that the number of people sending HTML mail grows to
> a rate of about 50-60 percent and even higher. If wasting
> bandwith by HTML mail was the ordinary way of communication
> there would be much more bandwith for plaintext lovers like
> me. Of course, it will only work as long as you don't have
> to deal with it. Filters are one answer, of course, but you
> cannot reliably catch broken MIME messages with them.
> Another point is that there has to be a need for more
> bandwith to make ISPs provide more bandwith under similar
> pricing conditions. That means, if you don't need that much
> you maybe save money. That's what I see as a result of file-
> sharing.
> That's my opinion from the customers point of view because I
> pay per time unit and not per traffic. Providers and
> companies pay per traffic and therefore lose.

And who do you think will in the end pay extra if the provider's costs
go up?

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