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Wed Jun 5 10:08:15 PDT 2002

On Wed, 5 Jun 2002 16:35:49 +0200
Sven Hartenstein <mail at> wrote:

> Hi again, 
> Jeff wrote: 
> > Mutt is a great mailer [...]
> > If you have no need for html mail, that's a very quick way to go.
> I have a need for non-html mail! :-)

Hooray! It's very good that people go for non-html mail. If you don't
think so (not you, Sven :)), take 2 mins to read this excerpt from the
mailing list..


My gripe about HTML mail is really not about what it looks like - my
mail client (and everything newer than an abacus, for that matter)
renders it well - its about how inefficient and bandwidth unfriendly it
is. I _know_ what I'm talking about, I work at an ISP and have dealt
with this ad infinitum in the past. So, let me give you a tour of "The
Internet Horror Show, or Why We Loathe HTML Email So Badly". Taking his
email with message-id <11f.ba6b9ec.299b1b25 at>: 

nuno:/tmp$ ls -al msg*
-rw-------    1 nuno  staff    5400 Feb 13 14:24 msg.CCE:2,RS
-rw-------    1 nuno  staff    3303 Feb 13 14:25 msg.CCE:2,RS-STRIPPED 

Ok, so the full message (text/plain + text/html) is 2097 bytes longer
than the 'stripped' version (text/plain only). Now, some simple first
grade maths, and figuring x-chat-discuss has around 320 users, we come
to the conclusion that 671040 surplus bytes were transmitted just
because someone cant configure its email client propperly. Ok, thats
just for _ONE_ email. Now consider that he sent some twenty something
messages to the list since the beggining of february. You easily arrive
at numbers in the order of SEVERAL megabytes (or mebibytes what whatever
it is called these days) of surplus traffic. Imagining he sends 20 (even
though at the present rate, by the end of the month it'll be like 50) 
messages resemblant to that one, you come to the conclusion that TWELVE 
megabytes of pointless traffic was generated. By the end of the year the
figures will be in the HUNDREDS. For _ONE_ person. Now multiply that for
everyone out there sending HTML email. See where we're coming at? Scary,
isnt it?

Traffic and bandwidth are neither free nor infinite, so it upsets me a
great deal that people send HTML email - most folks are simply unaware
of all this wasting, I unfortunately deal with it on a dayily basis. We
came to the conclusion that we actually waste more money on redundant
traffic generated by HTML email than we do on
-and-l33t-r00tsh3ll-DoS-t00lz packeting people left and right just
because they're bored.



	-- Paulo Andre'

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