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Wed Jun 5 07:12:46 PDT 2002

On Wed, 5 Jun 2002 14:53:17 +0200
Sven Hartenstein <mail at> wrote:

> Hi LFSlers, 
> I'm relatively new to Linux et al., but the more I learn about it, the
> more I am amazed/faszinated/enthusiastic. It rocks! (Ok, you already
> know that.)
> Yesterday, I learned Vim. Ok, that was of course a joke, but I spent
> some hours in the help-files...

This is _great_ to hear from someone who's new to Linux. Keep it up, you
won't regret it! And you're reading the manuals, which is mentality a
lot of people don't have but should have :-)

> It would be cool to use the great features of vim to write emails. I
> found some plugins/scripts for that on the web, but I have no idea,
> what each one can do (read: which to choose) and whether there is
> something like a standard or so.
> Thus my questions are:
> Is it a good idea to use vim as a mail-editor?
> Can I still have folders for "incoming" "outgoing" "saved" etc...
> i.e., with which programms does it work together? Is this difficult to
> learn/do? Can I simply read my e-mails in vim? What else will I still
> need?
> Maybe, someone of you does this and can help me with where (and
> whether) to start...

Well, I don't think Vim would be much helpful to _visualize_ incoming
mail. Vim may be indeed a good thing to _write_ emails and nothing else.
Vim is not a mail user agent like K-Mail, Sylpheed, Mutt, Pine, etc...
and simply can't act that way. Having 'incoming', 'outgoing', etc,
folders is something for the mail software, not Vim.

Most email clients, can make use of external editors for writing email.
>From the top of my head, I've used Mutt ( which makes use
of Vim by default (assuming Vim is available on the host system) and
Sylpheed ( which also gives you a choice of using
an external text editor. Dig a bit about this, you'll have no problem
getting this together :-)

Hope this helps,

	-- Paulo Andre'
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