vim and email?

Sven Hartenstein mail at
Wed Jun 5 05:53:17 PDT 2002

Hi LFSlers, 

I'm relatively new to Linux et al., but the more I learn about it, the more I 
am amazed/faszinated/enthusiastic. It rocks! (Ok, you already know that.)

Yesterday, I learned Vim. Ok, that was of course a joke, but I spent some 
hours in the help-files...
It would be cool to use the great features of vim to write emails. I found 
some plugins/scripts for that on the web, but I have no idea, what each one 
can do (read: which to choose) and whether there is something like a standard 
or so.

Thus my questions are:
Is it a good idea to use vim as a mail-editor?
Can I still have folders for "incoming" "outgoing" "saved" etc... i.e., with 
which programms does it work together? Is this difficult to learn/do?
Can I simply read my e-mails in vim? What else will I still need?

Maybe, someone of you does this and can help me with where (and whether) to 

Sven, using K-Mail at the moment...
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