windows haters (repost for albert wagner)

Remy Bosch remybosch at
Mon Jun 3 11:37:07 PDT 2002

> May I suggest looking at the RiscStation Laptop? its a sub-
> notebook, in
> a TINY case, 800x600 colour screen, and great battery life thanks 
> to not
> having an X86...

You may, but I saw it and I find it quite bulky :-/
I do understand that it is possible to upgrade hardware components.
Thanks for the sugestion though.
An other cute toy is the OQO. It runs on Crusoe(at A 
warning is in place since this site depends heavely on flash... Prepair 
you browser ;-)

I also read that compaq is prepearing also an tablet PC (transmeta-
powered) Could not find more info though.... yet ;-)

Yes, you can shoot me for drooling over the x86-range (sub-)notebooks


I'm so sorry for the people that use windows...
Their world is not larger than that of M$ :-P

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