TeX vs. XML

Björn Lindberg d95-bli.no at spam.nada.kth.se
Mon Jun 3 02:02:53 PDT 2002

Steve Bougerolle wrote:
> On Sun, 02 Jun 2002 23:26:28 +0200
> Björn Lindberg <d95-bli.no at spam.nada.kth.se> wrote:
> > "R. Bosch" wrote:
> > TeX.
> Changing the subject somewhat (ok, more than somewhat):
> Aside from problems with cut-and-paste in certain MathML-capable
> editors, is there any strong reason to use TeX any more?  Can XML with
> the right (different) DTDs do all the same work?  Is it practical?  Is
> there a DTD for TeX?
> In the past I've done the small mountain of work to get TeTeX going on
> my systems but never used it (my theses are in TeX but were archived or
> lost long ago).  Docbook and similar things seem all the rage for
> writing nowadays.

I don't have much experience with XML, but I'll give my opinion anyway.
I think the strong points of TeX is:

1. (of course) the paradigm of formatting, with tag-based formatting,
2. The convenient way of typesetting mathematical formulae.
3. It looks damn good.

I guess using XML would be more of a syntax change than anything else,
but it is hard to see the benefit of the more cumbersome notation, esp
when considering typesetting math.

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