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> I had the plessure to work at a store where they sold Acorn machines,
> and provided service for them. I was very much impressed on the speed
> of the machines...

Yeah. they have GREAT integer performance. useless for floating point
though (all emulated). Some of the best written software *EVER* too.
best DTP, vector art, and MUA software on any platform I have used.

no games tho. (well, not true - lots of fun old games, but no'wow nice
graphics ones - the kind that sell PCs)

I love lemmings :-)

> this around the end of 2000 when I appenteced
> there. There was somekind of clock-problem about the memory.

General bus timing issues on heavily loaded RiscPCs.

the single capacitor fix is remarkable, in that the mobo was designed to
have *AT MOST* one 40MHz ARM and one 50MHz co-processor card on the bus.

the final series of RiscPCs had 300MHz ARMs and 133MHz X86

that is something like 8 times its design specs, with NO additional
cooling. not bad. Most PCs exceed their specs by about 20%, nowhere near

> I also learned that the interface was designed from the beginning to
> be as ergonomic as possible.

RISC OS is a crap OS. but its GUI is quite simply the BEST EVER. I have
never used (and probably will never) use a nicer GUI. Drag and drop was
UTTERLY pervasive.

and you could do FULLY WYSIWYG *PRO GRADE* DTP on an 8MHz ARM2, with
speed to spare!

Even then, the OS had its nice spots - like REAL PNP, with the drivers
for cards *in ROMS on the card*, automagically loaded on boot, and fully
software overrideable. and this was almost 20 years ago!

> I'm waiting till it's ready, I just can run it
> without worrying about hardwarefaults ;-)

I want a LART :-)

I want a CATS board more, though -

> Or run it as server you don't hear and doesn't use Megawatts of
> power....

Damn straight. Acorns A7000 */MOTHERBOARD/* complete with RAM, CPU
(56MHz), video and sound, ALL TOPGETHER, used LESS power than the PS/2
keyboard plugged into it, and will run for about 5-10 seconds *AFTER*
you pull the plug, just on spare power in the PSU capacitors!

> One confession:
> I'm luring at the Crusoe from transmeta.... for a sub-notebook....

May I suggest looking at the RiscStation Laptop? its a sub-notebook, in
a TINY case, 800x600 colour screen, and great battery life thanks to not
having an X86...
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