windows haters (repost for albert wagner)

R. Bosch at
Sun Jun 2 17:58:36 PDT 2002

On Sunday 02 June 2002 22:13, you wrote:
> the latest ARM hardware to run RISC OS is really old, but Microdigital
> are building a new machine 'Omega' which looks like it;ll be nice,
> despite some oddball design choices...

I had the plessure to work at a store where they sold Acorn machines, and 
provided service for them. I was very much impressed on the speed of the 
machines... this around the end of 2000 when I appenteced there. There was 
somekind of clock-problem about the memory. The solution was as simple as 
removing an smd-condensator. 
I also learned that the interface was designed from the beginning to be as 
ergonomic as possible. Reducing the chance of getting RSI ! I read a paper of 
an previous worker/student who did research on this topic.

Around the same time I got interrested about a project from the TUDelft in 
Holland where they where working on a LART. This war an ARM based computer 
runing a Linux distro Debian. Info is at This cought my 
eye because I was from origine an electronic student. I'm waiting till it's 
ready, I just can run it without worrying about hardwarefaults ;-)

Just think of the idea that you can have your favorite distro in your bag, on 
hardware YOU control in terms of... well... everything ;-)

Or run it as server you don't hear and doesn't use Megawatts of power....

Yes, I too have fallen for the charm of ARM. Even though I love the ibookII, I 
have't got the funding's yet... :-(

One confession:
I'm luring at the Crusoe from transmeta.... for a sub-notebook....


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